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Promote you icontest!


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Icon Contest Promo
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Welcome to icontest_promo!~

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This community is for promoting icon challenge communities and everything related to them. Anyone can join and anyone can post, but please read the rules below before doing so.

♣ R U L E S
1.) All posts MUST be on topic.
_______ON TOPIC IS...
_________« Promoting icon challenge communities
_________« Requesting a co-mod or banner maker
_______OFF TOPIC IS...
_________« Anything else.
2.) If you're promoting multiple communities, put them all in one post.
3.) You can advertise your community/ies once every 10 days. No spamming.
4.) Banners are allowed. Anything bigger than 400px should be put behind an LJ cut.
5.) If you fail to follow any of the rules stated above, you will receive a warning. 24 hours later, your post will be deleted if you haven't made the necessary changes.

That's all. Not too brutal, is it? Now by all means, promote those communities! And spread the word, the more people that know about this community, the more people will know about your community.

Creator: irda
Maintainers: irda & geekpuss
Credit: Journal layout by resplandor.

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